The Westview Grapevine

Newsletter Summer 2021

a Hot Hot Summer!!

Summer – Sandals, sand and sunscreen and lots of heat! Camping, cottaging and cultivating lovely flowers and vegetables; all great familiar and comfortable summer activities.


Newsletter March 2021

Let’s Celebrate Spring!!

The past year has allowed for plenty of reflection and perhaps for adding something new to our skills toolkit, or for others tackling those long neglected projects that we would get around to at “some time” or perhaps NOT.


Newsletter Jan 2021

While the Club remains on “hiatus”; all is not lost! Many of us have revisited activities long abandoned like; skating, snowshoeing, gardening, knitting, baking sour dough bread – the list is endless. We’ve learned to shop online and pick up curbside. The holidays brought Zoom dinners, long distance hugs and….


Newsletter Nov 2020

The intent of The Grapevine is to keep the Westview Family connected and supported as we look forward to celebrating and meeting on the dance floor again! The newsletter is one of several that we plan to put out in the coming months.


Newsletter Apr 2020

“Dance like no one is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt; sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”
Mark Twain


Newsletter Mar 2020

Although Monique Perreault has been dancing all her life, she never imagined that she would be a ballroom dancer, never mind an instructor.


Newsletter Feb 2020

Westview started 50 years ago in a St. James Church with 13 couples sharing their love of dance and their determination to create and maintain a viable club! Today, our Club thrives on the many volunteer hours from our members; building friendships while supporting….


Newsletter Jan 2020

And what a night New Year’s Eve was!! 120 plus dined and danced the decade away. After a delicious meal, our hosts, Thursday @ 7, got us all up and moving with a Grand March.


Newsletter Dec 2019

This Edition of the Grapevine provides a “behind the scene” look at the activities of the 50th Gala Planning Committee.

Membership on this Committee is unique in that all of the dance classes are represented. Their participation in the planning highlights their interests and skills. They have contributed a…..


Newsletter Oct 2019

With Westview Dance Club turning 50 in 2020, this is a wonderful time to review the exciting history of Winnipeg’s oldest dance club. Certainly one of the most exciting things that happened in Westview’s history was the year they got involved in making the movie, Shall We Dance, with Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon.

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