The continuing public health restrictions regarding gatherings makes it impossible to proceed in hosting our Golden Gala Dinner and Dance. While a vaccine may provide us all with some relief in the near future, the rollout remains challenging. Therefore, we have cancelled the Gala and will be refunding all tickets purchased.

We will be issuing a cheque for each ticket order placed. Each cheque will be made out to the person who placed the ticket order. To ensure that the cheques are mailed to the correct address, we are asking that the person who placed the ticket order fill out the Gala Refund Request form below by March 15. Refunds may take 4 to 6 weeks to be processed.

For those who ordered tickets using a credit card or PayPal, you would have received an email confirming the transaction. On that email there was an Order Number. To help speed the issuing of your Refund we ask that you include that order number on the Gala Refund Request form below. For members you can also access that order information by Clicking Here.

If you have any further questions we can be contacted by email at gala-refund@westviewdance.ca.

Gala Refund Request

To help process your refund please fill in the form below. We will be using this information to cross-reference against ticket orders placed and to confirm your mailing address. Please be as accurate as possible. The person who placed the ticket order should be the one who fills out the form. Please complete this form by March 15, 2021.

    Click on "I'm not a robot" before you click on "Submit"

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