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Welcome to the Westview Dance Club
“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance!”- Dave Barry

We are ALL connected, through our mutual love of dance and the challenges of continuous life - long learning.

We have ALL reaped the benefits of strong and lasting friendships as a result of our time in the Club, as well as learning various dance moves!

Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise, keep your mind sharp, make new friends, and learn something new!
It is the Club members who have donated their time, skills, and interests to ensuring the requirements of the Club have been met. Volunteering for the executive team creates different relationships across classes, allows the individual volunteer to share their expertise as well as perhaps learning new ones.

Club Goals:
• To provide social ballroom dancing instruction
• To promote ballroom dancing

Our Mission:
Promoting an active lifestyle through lifelong learning in social ballroom dancing in a friendly and supportive community.

Our People:
One clear benefit of joining Westview is the fun and friendships that result. Many a time we hear that members say that they "come for the dancing but stay for the friendships!"

Who We Are:
The Club was formed in 1970 by a small group of people who had a common interest in ballroom dancing. Our Club is a non-profit organization, run by an elected executive who work within The Westview Dance Club By-Laws.

With our professional instructor, Monique Perreault, dance instruction is of high quality. Our social dances and dinner dances provide the opportunity to socialize and use the dance steps that we have learned. As well, the friendly atmosphere within the club encourages making good friendships. Friendships are developed by attending classes, practices and the dances throughout the season.

Westview Dance Club offers dances in Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-cha, Swing & Tango. The most experienced classes also have Samba in the curriculum. These core dances are taught in five-week blocks which includes a review.

Additional specialty workshops such as Quickstep, Samba, Merengue, Country Two-Step, Mambo, etc. may be offered during the year; time permitting

When a lesson is cancelled, it will be made up to give you 30 full 50-minute group lessons for the season. Classes could continue to the first week of June 2018.

Westview Structure:

Class Representative:
Each class has a member who has volunteered to serve as the Class Representative.
The class reps are the link between the Club Executive and the members. They share important information from the Executive team with the members in their class. They also bring back to the Executive team much needed input and any concerns or issues that impact their class and the Club.

They notify their class members by phone and/or email of:
• changes in class times
• class cancellations and/or rescheduling
• workshops, and demo opportunities

They advise their class of their sweeping/music schedule, dance hosting duties and promote the Club by handling the social and dinner dance tickets as required.

The Whispers was a Westview Dance Club Newsletter that was published three times a year; fall, beginning of a new year and in May. Currently the position of Whispers editor is vacant. If this is something that you would be interested in starting up again, please contact any member of the Executive team.

Music Team:
The Music Team of volunteers creates playlists for dances and practices, plays music at dances, maintains and adds to the music library.

Guests / non-members are welcome to attend Club dances, space permitting.

Westview Dances:
Dinner Dances and Socials provide another opportunity to have fun, meet other members of the club and another place to practice your dancing.
Dinner Dances are held at the Masonic Temple, 420 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg
Social Dances are held at the Oak Bluff Recreation Centre, 101 MacDonald Road, Oak Bluff.
Dance tickets can be purchased online at or from your class rep

Executive Positions and Major Functions:
The duties may and can change depending on the needs of the Club and the skills/strengths and interests of those who volunteer for the Executive. For details on the processes within each function please contact the current incumbent.

• The president provides leadership to the rest of the Executive Team.
• Responsible for overall coordination of the Club’s operations; ensuring all major activities are completed on a timely basis.
• Monitors and evaluates activities, functions and personnel, as well as deals with membership issues and hiring of staff.
• Acts as official spokesperson for the Club.
• Club contact for communications between schools and club members, advises classes of cancellations and alternate locations for classes.
• Maintains calendar of lessons completed.
• Contact for external inquiries regarding membership

1st Vice President:
• Coordinates all Club’s marketing and promotional activities.
• Responsible for Class representative meetings
• Co-ordinates all ticket sales for socials and dinner dances
• Maintains a database of Friends of Westview and is the Club’s contact with the caterers for dinner dances.

2nd Vice President:
• Ensures locations of socials/dinner dances are booked and develops calendar for socials and dances, sweeping and practice music schedule.
• Maintains list of alternate locations for dances.

• Develops Club budget and is responsible for all financial transactions and maintains all financial records.

• Records and maintains meeting minutes.
• Co-ordinates the development and circulation of class directories and manuals.

Instructor - Monique Perreault has been involved with Ballroom and Latin dancing for more than 15 years. She has entered into competitions in the Bronze, Full Bronze and Silver levels, winning top honours in each case.

In 1997, she enrolled in an instructor's course at Dance Class Saskatoon and graduated as a certified dance instructor for Bronze and Silver Levels.

Monique became a full-time dance instructor in 1998 and taught dancing until she left Saskatoon in 2001 when she moved to Winnipeg. After a short break, she started teaching again in 2005 at a Winnipeg studio and worked there until 2008.
Monique is responsible for the overall coordination of the dance curriculum.

Lesson Locations:

We use the facilities of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division. We are using the following schools this season.

Monday classes Robert Browning School 130 Browning Blvd.
Tuesday Practice Lincoln Middle School 3180 McBey Avenue
Wednesday classes Linwood School 66 Linwood Street
Thursday classes Robert Browning School 130 Browning Blvd.

NOTE: From time to time, dance classes or practice may be cancelled due to a school event taking place. Most of the time we will have advance notice in which case your class representative will contact you of the cancellation. But, there have been instances where members have shown up for dance classes or practices and the school has cancelled access.

If your class is cancelled unexpectedly, please phone your class rep to advise the class rep for the next class and a member of the Executive as well.

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