Hosting a Dance

This document is divided into three sections:

  1. Key planning points
  2. Responsibilities: Class and Executive - includes financials related to the events
  3. Site specific Requirements Oak Bluff, Masonic Temple , Anavets


Hosting a dance is a Team effort. The Class representative should call a meeting of the class 6- 8 weeks prior to the event. Key decisions required are:

  1. Theme of the event and accompanying dress code.
    Dress code guidelines are as follows:
    Formal /Black tie optional
    Men – tuxedo or suit and tie
    Ladies - long dress or cocktail dress/dressy pants and top
    Semi – Formal - is slightly more relaxed
    Men - suit or sports jacket
    Ladies - cocktail dress or dressy pants
    Casual – comfortable, but dressy.
    If the theme warrants, please dress accordingly. i.e.” western” implies jeans.
    Please advise the First VP of your theme a minimum of five weeks ahead of the event. This allows for advertising on the website, ticket forms and working with the caterer in the event of a dinner dance.
  1. Entertainment:
    Host Classes are welcome to provide a demonstration dance, this is optional. The dance can be chosen in collaboration with the instructor. There are five additional hours outside of class time for demonstration preparation. The times are to be decided jointly with the class and instructor.
    Classes who choose to provide an entertainment portion instead of a demonstration dance are reminded that the entertainment must come from within the Club. The entertainment proportion should take around 10 minutes in total. Examples of past entertainment include leading a simple line dance or a spot dance.
  1. Food:
    There is a $5.00 per person allocation for all food/snacks/milk/cream for coffee/drinks. This allocation also includes any delivery fees and tips for food that is catered. Please ensure your snacks include gluten free items for 2- 3 people. i.e. if ordering pizza, there should be one pizza that is gluten free. Please label/identify gluten free foods.Note: For dinner dances, the Executive is responsible for the menu. Grace has been a tradition at dinner dances. It should be as inclusive as possible and is the responsibility of the host class.
  1. Master of Ceremonies:
    The class should appoint a MC for the evening; He/she is responsible for welcoming everyone and providing “housekeeping” information or an overview of the evening. A reminder of the Club privacy policy must be provided with respect with the taking of any pictures or videos.
    Verbal permission must be obtained, along with the purpose and intent of all pictures must be expressed. The pictures/videos are for internal Club communication/ use only. External use of any video/pictures will require a written consent. The host class also acts as greeters at the door of each event.
  1. Decorations:
    The Club allocates $80.00 for decorations. The exception is New Year’s Eve where the decorating budget is $130.00 to cover the traditional New Year’s party favors/hats.
    The Club storage space is at a premium and decorations should be purchased with that in mind. The Club tea lights and candleholders are stored at Oak Bluff.
  1. Prizes:
    The Club provides two social tickets for the next social, as prizes. Should the Hosts wish to provide additional prizes, this must be obtained from your food or decoration budget. Members are discouraged from soliciting of prizes outside of the Club.
  1. Music:
    Music is prepared and provided by a member of the music team. The theme is also considered when preparing a playlist. Any special requests can be forwarded to the music team member assigned to your event. Check the website for details on who is your music person.
  1. Clean- up:
    Clean up should not start before all guests have departed. The host class is responsible to complete the supply option of the expense form. This will assist in having the appropriate amount of supplies on hand for the next class. This information is forwarded back to the supply keeper. Any plastic tablecloths purchased are to be disposed of for hygiene reasons. All decorations must be removed.



  1. Communication:
    1. Please advise the First VP of your theme at least five weeks prior to the event. This allows time for ticket sales forms to be prepared, handed to the Class representatives and the information passed on to members as well as posting on the website.
    2. Access to Oak Bluff or Masonic Temple to obtain supplies, decorate or practice the demo is arranged by contacting the First VP.
  1. Finances:
    All expenses must be kept to within the allocated budget. The Class will be responsible for any overages. The host class is required to submit all physical receipts within one week of the event and fill out the expense form which can be found at the end of this document. The treasurer will provide one cheque made out to the Class Representative to disburse as required. Questions on completing the form should be directed to the Treasurer.
  1. Supplies/decorations:
    Club supplies are stored at Oak Bluff, and the list of decorations is found on the website. As storage space is limited, the Club will not maintain additional decorations. These decorations may be stored at members’ homes if they wish. Please complete the inventory portion of the expense account following your event.


  1. Communications:
    The First VP/designate will advise the Class representative of the numbers of people attending as soon as possible after the deadline for ticket sales closes.
  2. The First VP/ designate will provide a list of attendees to the Class representative for check in purposes.
  3. The First VP/designate will arrange for access to the dance venue.
  4. The First VP/designate will arrange for seating for all dinner dances. Members have the option to sit with their classes. Tables are assigned per class; however seats are not. Members from other classes or guests may also join your table if attendance numbers/physical space requires all tables be filled to the maximum of eight.
  5. The menu is the responsibility of the Executive at all dinner dances and will be communicated to the host class. The theme is taken into consideration when completing the menu.
  6. The First VP/designate will provide the class with a roll of tickets and a box for ticket draws and the two social dance prizes prior to the event.
  7. The Executive is responsible for the purchase and distribution of wine at Socials


  1. Masonic Temple:
    1. Decorations on the walls are not permitted, however table centres may be decorated. Masonic Temple can provide round 8 inch mirror tiles and clear vases if requested. Please advise the First VP who will arrange for same.
    2. A cash bar is available.
  1. Anavets:
    1. Room set up and take down will be done by Anavets
    2. Decorations on the tables only (round tables). Nothing on the walls. The stage may also be decorated.
    3. Food will be arranged by the Executive- There is a fixed menu of “social food” breads, meats cheeses etc.
    4. Cash bar staffed by Anavets - class is not required to purchase any additional beverages for guests
    5. Snacks for the table can be purchased and brought in if you choose. – You will need to purchase bowls in that case. (The Club has no room to store these after the dance.)
    6. Clean up: We are required to remove decorations and just close up/tie the garbage bags – (there are bins in the room near the bar)
  1. Oak Bluff:
    1. Set up
      • The host class is responsible for setting up and taking down of the tables and chairs. These are stored to the left of the entrance.
      • Please follow the legend/map that is posted on the wall in the storage room. This details how the tables and chairs are to be stored.
      • Once tables and chairs are set up (they may need a wipe down), please sweep the floor as grit etc is tracked to the dance area with the movement of chairs and tables.
    2. Access is obtained through the front door. Oak Bluff personnel will either open the door or provide the Class Rep with the code to the lock box outside the entrance door on the left hand side of the wall.
    3. We are to use the Bar area sink and refrigerator located next to the Cloak Room. We do not have permission to use the kitchen behind the stage.
    4. The switch for the bar cooler is on the wall, to the right of the cooler.
    5. All foods must be removed from the cooler and the switch turned off at the end of the event.
    6. The Club supplies are located under the stage all supplies are to be returned to the appropriate labelled tote.
    7. The Host class must bring tea towels/dish clothes, and extension cord.
    8. Drinks and plastic cups are provided by Oak Bluff.
    9. Extra beverages must be purchased:
      • one litre half/half cream
      • 1 litre whole milk.
      • 2litres of diet ginger ale
      • 2 litres of diet 7- up
    10. Lights:
      • Switches for the kitchen and stage are located inside the kitchen double doors
      • Bathroom switches are located next to the breaker panel in the kitchen, in the southwest corner
      • Please ensure all lights are off before exiting the building
    11. Food Preparation:
      • Regular Coffee, decaf coffee and tea urns are located in blue storage bins under the stage. Coffee, tea and supplies are also located in the bin along with instructions on the amount of water/coffee required to make coffee.
      • Beverages supplied by Oak Bluff are stored with the table and chairs.
      • Plastic beverage glasses are located in the bar kitchen near the front entrance, plastic wine glasses are stored in the supply totes.
    12. Clean up :
      • All coffee urns must be thoroughly washed and dried before returning to the storage space
      • All garbage must be removed and put into the bins outside of the main kitchen.
      • The key to the bin is located on a hockey stick beside the exit door in the kitchen.
    13. Lock up:
      • Ensure the back door in the kitchen is firmly shut
      • Lock both glass doors from the inside
      • The last person should exit from the emergency door to the wheelchair ramp located at the top of the stairs in the main hall. Ensure this door is firmly shut when you exit.
      • If you cannot access the emergency exit, then use the kitchen exit. If either is not possible exit through the front and leave unlocked. Please text the following number and leave a message with Oak Bluff Contact Keith @ 204 896 6882.

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