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March 2021

Happy New Year

Welcome to the January 2021 Grapevine! And good bye (good riddance) to 2020.

While the Club remains on “hiatus”; all is not lost! Many of us have revisited activities long abandoned like; skating, snowshoeing, gardening, knitting, baking sour dough bread - the list is endless. We've learned to shop online and pick up curbside. The holidays brought Zoom dinners, long distance hugs and thanks to cooperative weather, many walks and outdoor activities. People have said the holidays were certainly more relaxed as we learned new meaning to the phrase “do more with less”. Santa was vaccinated in time and was still able to visit safely. 2021 brings hope and a renewed sense of optimism for a return to activities vital to our well being, especially dance.

This edition brings us some great tunes, and a lesson to keep us in shape for a return to dance! Check out Tech Tips for a great tip on managing email!


Welcoming in a New Year

by Brian Campbell

Another New Year has come. A reboot. A renewal. A time to say goodbye to last year and look forward to the next. A time to review the past 12 months and plan for the next 12. But what does New Year’s really mean?

The celebration of the new year goes back at least 4,000 years, to the ancient Babylonians. However, in Babylon, the new year was recognized as the first new moon after the vernal equinox in March, the beginning of the planting season. Even the early Roman calendars recognized the vernal equinox as the beginning of each new year. Julius Caesar was responsible for creation of the Julian calendar, which first recognized January 1st as the beginning of a new year. In the Julian calendar, January was named for the Roman god, Janus, whose two faces, they believed, simultaneously looked back at the past year and forward towards the next.

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Westview's Audio Vault

by Dave Winsel

A playlist to practice Foxtrot. Single songs from the playlist are found below. The answers to the November Newsletter's "Name that Tune" contest can be found in the Introduction snippet.

Introduction (1:42)

Foxtrot Practice Playlist (20:59)

The Lady is a Tramp - Frank Sinatra (3:16)

It Only Took A Kiss - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (4:08)

I Like to Lead When I Dance - Frank Sinatra (4:07)

I’m Beginning to See the Light - Natalie Cole (3:29)

Hit Me with a Hot Note - Tami Tappan Damian (2:41)

Everything - Michael Buble (3:30)


From the Archives

Video by Margie Martin

We have had requests to post other Club videos in the newsletters. If you have any concerns please contact the executive as soon as possible.

What do ghosts dance to?


Lesson - Jive Line Dance


Cry Just A Little Bit (3:13)

What did the dancer feel after a week of non-stop rehearsals?


The Executive -
My View from the Inside

by David Crowe

Tasks and Roles

Continued from "My Introduction" - November Newsletter

Let’s get started with a bit of background. The Executive is typically made up of 5 positions. They are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Member-at-Large position was added in January 2019. As well, the Past President acts as an advisor to the Executive Board and has the option to attend Executive meetings. The President can add as many advisors as needed to the Executive board but these advisors do not have a vote.

The Club is administered by the Executive Board using the Club Bylaws to govern. Changes or amendments to the Club Bylaws are voted on by the Club membership at the Annual General Meeting. This means that the Club is really run by the Club Membership.

The Club Bylaws has a pretty in-depth description of the various Executive positions. However, in practice, we find that their responsibilities may be written on paper but not in stone. They are flexible and can be changed based on circumstances or a person’s skills and strengths. During my tenure as an Advisor to the President, I saw this in action. The 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President shared some of each other’s responsibilities. Even the Past President took on activities that normally would have been handled by the President. This allowed the Executive to run efficiently and smoothly.

Each role has a well-documented description of that position’s task and how to accomplish them. Thanks goes to the past Executives who spent a lot of time producing these documents. Now, each time the Executive changes they don’t have to start from scratch to learn the processes for their position. It makes for an easy transition of new members to the Executive Board.

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Ask the Nerd!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Club's Technology.

Email Problems

Sometimes I don't get emails from the club or the emails end up in my Junk Folder. I've changed my email reader settings but the emails still end up in my Junk Folder. What could be wrong?
To fix this you need to add the address as a trusted domain on your mail provider's mailbox. You cannot do it on your local mail reader. I have included a step-by-step process for a number of the more common email providers. Click on your email provider's button.
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Member's Corner

This section is for Members. Do you have a special birthday, an anniversary or an event that you'd like to share with the Club? Maybe you have a recipe or a craft tip? How about something to sell or that you want to buy? This is the spot. Just let us know by sending an email to

Thank You:

“A shout out and thank you to the Class of Wednesday@ 8 for their support and kindness through our weekly Zoom gatherings."

Wanda Hyde.

What did the man who couldn’t stop dancing get diagnosed with?


Lorne Hyde, a member of the Wednesday@8 class passed away on December 1, 2020 at the Saul and Claribel Simkin Centre. Lorne & Wanda, long time ballroom dancers, had recently rejoined the Westview family after a hiatus spent as snowbirds. Their rich dance history with Westview goes back to the days of lessons with Bill Daum. The Hydes were Class Representatives in the year prior to the Club’s suspension of lessons.
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