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November 2020

Welcome to the November 2020 Edition of The Westview Grapevine

The intent of The Grapevine is to keep the Westview Family connected and supported as we look forward to celebrating and meeting on the dance floor again! The newsletter is one of several that we plan to put out in the coming months. The hope is to publish every 6- 8 weeks.

We're still here! Contrary to rumours you may have heard; the Westview Dance Club is not winding up operations. While we are on a forced “hiatus” due to current public health restrictions and executive vacancies, the remaining Executive members are still planning for a 2021 – 2022 season starting in September.


The Musical Evolution of Westview Dance Club

by Brian Campbell

In 2013, the Executive of Westview Dance Club decided to create a Music Team in response to a member survey that expressed concerns about the music being played at club practices and dances. Concerns included: the music wasn’t relevant, it wasn’t current, and there wasn’t enough “ballroom” type music.

Bev Gunnarson said, “When I first started, when they played a waltz, you knew what they were going to play, when they played a tango, you knew what they were going to play. This was good if you were a beginner, because you knew what dance to do, but not so good if you were more experienced.”

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Westview's Audio Vault

by Dave Winsel

Here's your chance to prove how much you know about Westview Dance Club music.

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From the Archives

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Did you know - that in 1985 Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame, was awarded an Honorary Membership in the Westview Dance Club. A proposal was put forth by Al Harris at the January 1985 AGM based on the Peanuts comic strip above. The was sent to Charles M. Schultz to which was sent this .

What do you call a dancing pie?

The Westview Workout

Mambo Dance Lesson

by Monique


Why don't dogs make good dancers?


The Executive -
My View from the Inside

by David Crowe

My Introduction to the Executive

Like most, I was hesitant to get involved in the workings of the Dance Club. I was content to just pay my money and learn to dance. Over the years I did a few stints as a class rep which I thought would be sufficient in doing my part. In 2012 I took over the operation of the Club Website. It was a stand-alone position with very little inter-action with the Executive. This changed In October 2016 when I proposed to the Executive that we upgrade the website and have our own domain name. I was invited to an Executive meeting to present my proposal. This was my first exposure to a Club Executive meeting. In January 2017 I was invited to sit on the Executive Board as an Advisor to the President and in January 2019 I was elected to the Member-at-Large position on the Executive.

In January 2017, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I attended my first meeting. The entire board had changed in January and I didn’t know any of the new Executives. I didn’t know what was expected of me or what my actual role was to be. I have to admit that I was a little nervous. In the end, I found that there was no need to be nervous. The meeting was relaxed and wasn’t as "challenging" as I had expected. I came to learn that as an advisor I didn’t have a vote and had a limited role which consisted mainly of dealing with matters related to the website and technology. This gave me the opportunity to sit back and watch how the board worked.

During the time I sat on the board as an advisor, the Executive typically had an Executive meeting every 4 to 6 weeks with the meetings being held at the home of the President. In other years they were rotated between the homes of the Executives. Usually the meetings lasted 2 hours or so but some of that time was spent socializing between the board members.

Next Issue: Tasks and Roles


Executive Update

To: Members of the Westview Dance Club
Date: October 30, 2020
From: The Club Executive
Subject: 2020-2021 Dance Season

On October 7, 2020 a Special General Meeting was held to discuss the 2020-2021 Dance Season and the 2 vacancies on the Club Executive. The minutes for that meeting can be found At that time the Executive stated that they would meet later in the month to discuss how the Club would be moving forward. We are now prepared to share those decisions.

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Member's Corner

This section is for Members. Do you have a special birthday, an anniversary or an event that you'd like to share with the Club? Maybe you have a recipe or a craft tip? How about something to sell or that you want to buy? This is the spot. Just let us know by sending an email to

Get Well Wishes:
Orwell Haga, a longtime member of Wednesday at 8 suffered a nasty fall on October 13 as he was leaving the Assiniboine Clinic; breaking his hip. He's recovering nicely at home after surgery at Grace Hospital and rehab at Deer Lodge. His many friends wish him well.
To Brian Campbell (Thurs at 8) for publishing his new book. is a collection of 72 short stories by R. Brian Campbell, an Author, Freelance Writer and Content Creator from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This contains a miscellany of stories, literally from out of the author’s mind, on a wide range of topics, in a variety of genres.

To order Out of My Mind, go to:
Or to get a signed copy, call Brian at, 204-880-5505.

Get Well Wishes:
Lorne Hyde, a member of Wednesday at 8 with his wife Wanda, suffered a stroke in April resulting in some vascular dementia. Lorne is now a resident at the Simkin Centre and is most appreciative of cards from friends but during these covid days is unable to have visitors. We send our care and support to both Lorne and Wanda.

Why do ants dance on jelly jars?


Margaret Ritchie – Honorary Life Member of Westview, passed away suddenly on October 10, 2020. Margaret and her husband George served as Presidents in 1993. Margaret was an avid supporter of the Club; attending events after her husband passing.
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Al Harris - a longtime member of the Westview Dance Club, passed away August 10, 2020. Al and Julie were part of Westview's dance community for 45 years. They joined in 1975 and took lessons for 18 years until health issues prevented them from continuing.
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Noreen Junson - On September 29, 2020, Westview also lost Noreen Junson, who along with her late husband John had been members of the club for 40 years. John and Noreen had formed many Westview friendships over the years; and belonged to a club they called The Seagull Club.
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Gerry Trottier passed away suddenly on May 8, 2020. Mourning his sad loss is his wife Lesli, daughter Monique (Adrian) , Michelle (Richard) adored grandchildren Kaedyn, Hannah and Jacob, step children Lindsay (Marc) and Jordan; and beloved dog Leo.
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Paul Johnson passed away suddenly on July 15, 2020 and along with his wife Ollie were indeed an elegant and classy couple attending many Westview dances and activities. Westview actually "stole" Paul & Ollie from the former East Kildonan club, probably because...
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Volunteers Needed

Brian Campbell is working on an article for the January Newsletter about New Year’s resolutions and hopes and how they may have changed over the past year.

Anyone who has a comment and who doesn’t mind being quoted in the next Newsletter is asked to call Brian at 204-880-5505. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The Westview Newsletter

Volume 20 Issue 5
Published November 20, 2020

David CroweEditor/Contributor
Brian CampbellContributor
Pat HalesContributor
Monique PerreaultContributor
Dave WinselContributor

Special Thanks to Bev Gunnarson, Ev Nickel and Dave and Sybil Gardiner for their contributions to this newsletter.

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