Late Membership Registration
It's late but you can still register. Choose one of the options below and register now before its too late. With late registrations there will be no makeup classes or will you be reimbursed for any lessons or practice sessions that you have missed.

There are 2 types of Westview Dance Club memberships. A Regular Membership and an Associate Membership.

The Regular Club membership runs from September to May with a cost of $275 per couple. This membership entitles you to the following:

  • 30 - fifty minute dance lessons with a certified instructor (less any classes missed due to a late registration)
  • a 2 hour practice session each week
  • a discount to all Club social and dinner dances
  • special dance workshops at a reduced rate

To qualify for an Associate Club membership you must meet the following conditions:

  • Members who have been in good standing for five (5) continuous years immediately prior to application for associate membership and, who, due to personal or family illness or physical disability or a commitment of at least one year to a voluntary community service, have had to forgo instructional classes.
  • Surviving spouses of members or Associate members who have been in good standing for five (5) continuous years immediately prior to application for Associate Membership.

Option 1: Register By Mail

Download the form, fill it out and then mail it as soon as possible along with your payment to the address below.

Westview Dance Club

c/o T Hancock

106 Karens Crescent

Oak Bluff, MB  R4G 0A3

You have 2 payment options. The 1st option is to pay the full amount of $275.00 in one cheque. The 2nd option is to pay the full amount using 3 cheques as shown below. All cheques should be made out to the Westview Dance Club.

Cheque one for $95 with the current date

Cheque two for $90 post dated for Oct. 01, 2018

Cheque three for $90 post dated for Nov. 01, 2018

Make sure that you enclose all 3 cheques when you mail your registration form to the above address.


Download Form

Option 2: Register Online  

This option is available if you are making a full single payment for a regular Westview Dance Club membership. We accept payments made with a

or a credit card.If you are requesting an Associate Membership or want to pay by cheque then use Option 1.


Register Online

Online Registration is no longer available
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