Westview Dance Club 2019 Survey Results

Total number of surveys completed:
38 responses – 67% return rate from full time members
3 responses – 38% return rate from Associate members

Responses per each question:

1. New contact information

  • One new address provided

2. Are you returning next year?

  • 4 member couples undecided - health listed three times as reason potentially not returning
  • 1 associate member undecided
  • 87% of respondents returning

3. Preference workshops/demonstration dances or a combination

  • The majority of respondents (48%) indicated they would prefer a combination of workshops and demonstration dances, workshops followed at 29% and just four respondents indicated volunteer demonstrations as their preference.
  • Workshop preferences:
    • West Coast Swing.
    • Night Club and Country two step - equal number of requests

4. Preference of three week or four week curriculum

  • 74% of respondents indicated they prefer the three week rotation.

5. Additional dances to the curriculum:

  • Many dances were mentioned a potential additions; including salsa, all Latin dances, hustle, argentine tango, west costs swing and mambo. Quick step was the only dance suggested more than once.

6. Venue Suggestions

  • Assiniboine Recreation Centre - Sturgeon Road - ample parking!
  • Idea previously shared with Loris Vendramelli - rental fee exceeds the $50.00 limit

7. Purchasing of tickets from website

  • 37% of respondents indicated they purchase tickets on line.
  • Reasons for not purchasing include:
    • Previous difficulty with PayPal/online purchases- X2
    • Don't want to -= prefer class rep x3
    • Not comfortable with on line purchases of any sort
    • Not yet - but will try x2
    • Did you want us to purchase on line?
    • Habit
    • I'm a Luddite!
    • Don't have PayPal

8. Suggestions for improvement:
o A two week review at the half way point of classes would be helpful.
o Need to find a way for Class reps to announce advise class of the theme and dress
o An inexpensive dedicated venue would be nice
o Smaller classes – 12 couple too much
o Practice – important for first half hour to play tunes with distinctive rhythms for those learning, to have an easier time to follow the beat
o Workshops would be easier if groups scheduled according to skill level
o Both options for purchasing on line and in person should be allowed
o Miss the dressy dances
o Would like an alternative to Oak Bluff – do not attend at that location
o Shorter dance season – perhaps 27 weeks
o Fewer dinner dances or a dance only portion to the dinner dances
o Eliminate NYE and have a mid January social dance
o Ask membership on whether to continue with Tango a part of the curriculum
o As class rep, I like the move to online purchases, - have few in class who purchase on line and have concerns with amount of cash (mainly) to carry.

o Thank you to Louise, for her follow up at Tuesday practices, and the value added with Bill attending and being able to demonstrate
o Thank you for all your work, doing a great job to keep the Club going – I applaud you, whatever else you wish to do is fine with me
o So happy this club exists!
o Love the format, and unique opportunity for practice. – A great way to remember and practice – No wonder the Club has lasted 50 years!

10. Recommendations:
o Move away from cash to cheques only in September – incremental step towards Paypal only
o Implement the on line purchase strategy – see separate document
o Schedule fall workshop only as the 50th demonstration practice will start January/February
o Executive review of the annual schedule of events and lesson duration and schedule
o Check availability for other instructors for workshops and volunteer demonstration dances.

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