Survey 2020

Survey 2020 – report and follow up:

The Executive’s goal is to work together, to keep our Club strong and vibrant. Your feedback is much appreciated and helps us work to that goal collectively. Thank you to all members who took the time to complete the survey!

Total number of surveys completed: 31 responses – 51% return rate from full time members
3 responses – 43% return rate from Associate members

1. Preference Workshops
Members had many suggestions for workshops. Nightclub was the dance most requested (11) with West Coast Swing and Country Two Step both having equal number of suggestions (4 each). Suggestions were made to offer more advanced workshops for people with more experience and to teach workshops to the appropriate level of participants’ dance experience.

Workshop preferences:

  1. West Coast Swing.- 4
  2. Night Club – 11
  3. Country two step - 4
  4. Viennese Waltz - 1
  5. Line Dance - 1
  6. Salsa -2
  7. Slow Foxtrot – 1
  8. Hustle – 1
  9. Advanced Samba – 1
  10. Advanced Nightclub - 1
  11. Salsa/Mambo – 1
  12. Quickstep – 2
  13. Paso Doble – 1
  14. Lindy Hop – 2
  15. Waltz - 1


  • Positive comments regarding format of Club schedule
  • Recognition that it is challenging for the Executive to balance competing interests and priorities with the best interest of the Club.
  • Recognition of communications improving through the year.

3. Suggestions for Improvement:
The responses are grouped into:

  1. Curriculum:
    • Due to school cancellations – reducing season to 25 or 26 classes
    • Smaller classes
    • Prefer four lessons for each dance, three is not enough.
  1. Music:
    • Change to 20 minutes for beginner tunes and maybe at 7:30 to 7:50 so beginners would not need to rush to practice & others could practice before 20 minutes of same kind of dance
  1. Dances:
    • Make social dance tickets as door prize optional
    • Remove wine option (extra work for executive) & cancel mini lunch for social dances, just have table snacks still supplying soft drinks & water
    • Non-member tickets should be priced higher than current levels.
    • Online tickets sales and associated payments for member dance tickets should be optional.
    • Members are to have first access to dance tickets.
    • Keep dances end time at 11:30
  1. Other:
    • One request to find permanent alternative venues to school gymnasiums for classes
    • Discount for snowbirds of $5 per class missed
    • Send out reminder that newsletter is available when published
Executive Follow Up:
  1. Note that some suggestions have already been implemented prior to the end of the survey deadline date:
    1. Notification of the newsletter publication and posting has been implemented through mail blast sent directly to each member.
    2. The suggestion to have the payment by cheque for dances but pre-ordering online was to be available to members for the April, 2020 dance. This would also ensure members obtain tickets.
    3. The leadership team is committed to sourcing venues where capacity will not be a factor.
  1. In regards to the suggestion for changing lesson venues, the Executive has canvassed numerous alternative venues. However long term availability is often an issue and rental cost is prohibitive if the club wishes to maintain the reasonable cost of lessons. If someone has suggestions for alternative affordable venues for our dance lessons please contact the Westview executive.
  1. Provincial liquor regulations require food service where alcohol is consumed. Table snacks are not considered food under the regulations. At venues where an open bar is present (i.e.) Anavet, Masonic Hall, food must be served.
  1. Suggestions to decrease the number of lessons per year was proposed in a Bylaw change at the 2019 AGM and the proposal was defeated by club members.
  1. Suggestions regarding changes to practice playlist timelines, will be forwarded to the Music Team for follow-up.
  1. All suggestions around finances will be reviewed by the Executive. It is however, important to note the Club’s annual budget is based on registration fees for 30 lessons, and the ticket prices for members and non-members is established to break even.
  1. Follow up discussion with the instructors regarding the number of lessons per dance and offering workshops at advanced levels and/or novice levels will occur.
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