Survey 2019 – report and follow up:

Thank you to all members who took the time to complete the survey!

Total number of surveys completed:
• 38 responses – 67% return rate from full time members
• 3 responses – 38% return rate from Associate members

Responses to Questions

1. Preference of three week or four week curriculum
• 74% of respondents indicated they prefer the three week rotation.

2. Additional dances to the curriculum:
• The majority of respondents indicated that they would not add dances to the current curriculum.
• For those in favour of adding dances, many were listed; including all Latin dances, hustle, argentine tango, west coast swing. The Quick step was the only dance suggested more than once.

3. Purchasing on line from website
• 37% of respondents indicated they purchase tickets on line.
• Reasons for not purchasing on line categorized onto three categories:
a) Previous negative experiences with on line purchasing
b) Uncomfortable with Paypal
c) Prefer to purchase from Class representative

4. Preferences for workshops or demonstrations dances or a combination of both:
• The majority of respondents (48%) indicated they would prefer a combination of workshops and demonstration dances. 29% of respondents indicated they would prefer workshops, and five respondents indicated volunteer demonstrations as their preference.

• Workshop preferences:
a) West Coast Swing.
b) Night Club and Country two step - equal number of requests

5. Suggestions for improvement grouped into:
a) Curriculum:
• Two week review half way through the year would be helpful
• Shorten dance year to 27 weeks
• Practice – first half hour should have music with distinctive beat for learning purposes
• Smaller classes – 12 couples too many
• Should tango be left on the curriculum?

b) Dances
• Eliminate NYE and have mid January social
• Have fewer dinner dances – or have “dance” only portion at dinner dances

c) Move to Pay pal
• Supported by some as it is safer than carrying and dealing with cash
• See comments under Question # 3

6. Comments/compliments
• Positive comments regarding format of Club schedule and value added component of practice received
• Thank you to instructor Monday evening for her follow up on Tuesday and value added component of her dance partner present to demonstrate
• Thank you to the executive as well for continuing to operate the Club

Executive Follow Up:

1. Education session for online purchasing will be available at a date, location, and time to be determined - sign up now by clicking on the link below if you are interested in attanding.
2. Action to music team regarding suggestion for music distinctive beat for first half hour
3. Executive follow up with Monique regarding review half way through the year
4. NO CASH POLICY: Effective the fall of 2019, all payments for socials, dinner dances and registration will be by PayPal or cheque.
5. Night club workshop is being planned for the fall.

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