Westview Dance Club Privacy Policy

WDC: Privacy Policy:

Purpose: to ensure the collection, retention, use and destruction of members’ personal information meets current and best practice/legislative standards.

Policy Statement:

All personal information collected from members and any printed or digital record of a member shall be kept confidential to Club members and used only for operations of the Club.

Member information gathered on registration forms shall include; individual names, addresses, telephone numbers and email address.

A: Information, collection, retention and use:


  1. Members’ name, phone number and email address shall be provided in an electronic format to all members of the Club Executive and specific class lists are provided to Class Representatives to assist them in discharging their duties as per the Club by-laws/procedures.
  2. All information shall be stored in a confidential manner by Executive members of the Club and Class Representatives. Electronic information shall be protected by the users’ individual anti – virus and firewall protections.
  3. All registration forms shall include an explanation of the use of photographs and videos and will require consent of the members. The explanation must state the intent is not to name the individual.
  4. Names, addresses and postal codes are submitted to the St. James School Division annually for permit renewal purposes.
  5. A master list of all members, names, addresses, phone number, postal codes and email addresses shall be maintained by the Secretary.
  6. Verbal permission to use photographs or a video image of members is required prior to taking the picture, and the individual taking the picture must advise for the use of said photography/video.
  7. The hosts for each social/dinner dance shall advise attendees of the policy on picture taking at the beginning of each event.
  8. Permission is required on an individual basis to allow for any identifying information to be released for promotion/advertising purposes.
  9. Check in at social/ dinner dances shall include a master paper list of all attendees identified by class or membership and special dietary needs. Hosts classes are advised to shred the listing once the event is completed.
  10. Non member information, used for ticket purchases, consists of email and telephone numbers. The information shall be verified annually and is retained under the responsibility of the Member at Large and First Vice- President. Permission for correspondence for official Club business is verified through an option for participants to unsubscribe if so desired.

B. Destruction of Information:


  1. All personal information shall be destroyed upon direction/reminder by the Club Secretary.
  2. All personal information shall be destroyed in a confidential manner; by the Executive member and Class Representative at the end of their term of office or when a member leaves the Club.
  3. All information related to creating the list including class envelopes, and an electronic report of non members attending a Club event shall be destroyed in a confidential manner once all financial reports related to the event are completed.


Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) – fair information principles

Date: June 21, 2019

Approved at Executive Meeting – July 16, 2019

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